The issues or actions that brought me to the Greenville Rescue Mission are not what this book is about.

GOD’s healing actions are and the tools which he uses to do so. This is not my story, but that of many people who GOD touches with his healing tools and chosen people.

I am reminded of a mosaic that I once saw in Middle Georgia. It was all different things put together to make up one thing. Follow me on this. It was made up of pebbles, coins, mementos, and anything people wanted. Each important piece was from a member of a congregation. A congregation that made up an old church. The shape that took hold or emerged was that of a cross. The CROSS that was used to end the life of our savior, Jesus Christ. That cross also became the symbol of that congregation and that old church.


Well this collection is meant to be just like that old mosaic cross. It is a collection of success stories. A collection of testimonies that make up Jesus Christ’s healing powers seen at the Greenville Rescue Mission. By no means is this some kind of PR work put together to benefit this organization. It is intended to be a record of TRUTH.

His truth!


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